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Coquitlam Project

Unit Number:170

Gross land area: 64,260 sq. Ft
Gross building area: 150,000 sq. Ft
Genre: 6-storey condominium



  • A new landmark on the junction of Burnaby and Coquitlam horizon, the main development area coordinated developed in the Great Vancouver.
  • Near to Lougheed center, the Vancouver transportation hub, sky train commuting to downtown and the other main cities.
  • Great Vancouver No.1 expressway running through the east and west on the property area, as well as the direct bus line commuting to SFU.
  • Embedded in the one of highest commercial development density community animated by an integrated mix of services.
  • The village square is combined with a growing mix of parks, schools and medical institution offering everyday conveniences.

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